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The Anatan Company

unforgettable travel with service that exceeds expectations to tourism destinations.

Our Services

Tours and Safaris

 We custom made itineraries and also have pre designed parckages for safaris.


We offer and recommend Hotels and lodges that are of high standards in terms of service .


We provide transportation services , airport transfer, hotels transfer and personalized services .

Why book with us


• Anatan offers highly customized safari adventures and honeymoon experiences that are centered to your individual needs and desires. We creates a quieter, more private experience, complete with luxurious accommodations, personalized itineraries, and unique excursions.
• Tours expertly planned in advance by a team of Travel and Tour expects.
• Itineraries for group and individual travellers.
• Insider knowledge and exclusive access to make your travel experience special.
• Pricing and packages as well as experience in services offered. All recommended activities, accommodation and restaurants have been highly recommended by our clients who have enjoyed and used the facilities.


Don’t miss out on the “true Africa experience”. Book with us and have the true experience of a lifetime.

Our priority is to ensure our clients a 100% safe and comfortable.  Our driver guides know the regions roads and drive with strict safety measures and the vihecles are air conditioned to suit any weather patten and season.

We only feature hotels and lodges that we have stayed in or our clients have requested and believe to be the best in the area of travel.

Community Social Responsibity: 
We at Anatan believes in the right of future generations having a healthy environment and natural resources that contribute to a better quality of life. No matter where you go or how you travel, you will have an effect on the environment and the people you visit. Our company also believes that you can have a more authentic and meaningful trip when sustainable tourism practices are applied.

Our trips are carefully designed to combining cultural and natural riches with, comfort, safety, luxury and adventure to create trips our guests will talk about for a long time.


The Team Service



Let us help you
unravel the options
Information overload ends here. We’ll listen to what kind of holiday you want and help you find the best place to visit. We’ll save you hours spent looking through confusing search results online.

Let us plan, so
you don’t have to
Anatan Team takes the hassle out of holiday planning. Tell us what you’re dreaming of and we’ll customise your dream. We’ll advise you where to go and arrange the most convenient transport, book hotels or safari lodges that suit your needs, and hand-pick unique activities for the ultimate African experience.

Let us separate the exceptional from the disappointing
It’s hard to know what you’ll get by just looking at hotel or safari websites. Book your holiday through Anatan for access to quality hotels, lodges and experienced safari providers that we’ve personally vetted.


Don’t miss out on the “true Africa experience”. Book with us and have the true experience of a lifetime.

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