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Gorge Swing

Gorge Swing $ 168

Duration: Approx 30 minutes

Test your limit with the Gorge Swing experience above the Zambezi River in Victoria Falls. This is an adventure where you drop down 70m and swing across the gorge. Experience the ultimate adrenaline rush and marvel at the beauty of the gorge from all angles.

Gorge Swing allows you to giant swing 95 metres long and 120 metres above the water of the mighty Zambezi River with a 70-metre free fall before you begin swinging.

The Gorge Swing is suspended across the gorge at a point where it is 316 metres wide and 120 metres deep. A harness and then the jumping ropes are attached to the jumper, the other end of which is pivoted to the middle of the cable. The jumper leaps off the edge of the gorge, free-falling for 70 metres before going into a 95-metre-long pendulum swing.

  • Duration: The swing is 30 minutes to an hour
  • Includes: A solo swing experience

A complimentary shuttle is available all day to ferry guests from the hotel/lodge to the Border post. Bring a passport – no visa or stamps necessary. Personalised DVDs and photographs are taken of every swing and are made immediately available for viewing and purchase.

Age Requirements

Minimum age is 6 years and all persons under 18 years must have the written consent of a parent or guardian present and available to sign an indemnity on the child’s behalf.

Child Policy

Children aged 14 years and above are charged full price.

Health and Fitness

Not suitable for persons who are either pregnant, epileptic, hypertensive or have a previous back injury. Minimum Weight – 40 Kilograms. Maximum Weight – 140 Kilograms